Welcome to the Chettles Yard Public Art Project blog.

Chettles Yard lies in the heart of Radford along side the river Lean in Nottingham. (See Link)

OPAL property Group are working with Lewis and Hickey architects and are currently undergoing huge innovative developments that incorporate many new components that will lead the way in “green” developments in Nottingham.

The site will welcome 1000 students from Nottingham Trent University and The Nottingham University from September 2009 and the completed development will comprise of seven contemporary multi-storey accommodation blocks providing a student village, with spacious en-suite bedrooms arranged in apartment clusters with shared kitchens/living rooms.
In addition, two further mixed-use buildings will be built providing employment, retail and office space.

The entrance to the site is where the public art work commissioned by OPAL will be installed. A team of representatives from Nottingham Trent University, OPAL, Lewis and Hickey, Nottingham City Council Planning department are currently in discussions with 3 artists from the East Midlands about the final deigns.

I, Lucy Broadhurst, a Decorative Arts Undergraduate from Nottingham Trent University will document the process of the project on this blog. I hope to inform others about how public art in Chettles Yard has arrived in its place.

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