The specifics announced

After a great deal of hard work the specifics of the sculptures are announced:

A few works from Irene Rogan:

"The final sculptures, although non-representational, are inspired and informed by microscopic examination of the exquisite diatom forms collected from the River Leen which flows through this dynamic recreational space. The audience is connected to the natural resource of water and the River Leen close by. The work celebrates biodiversity and uses environmentally friendlier materials and continues a long term interest in diatoms and water born micro organisms.

Four 1.7 metre high sculptures will be located on a landscaped entrance which involved collaborating with the landscape architect to develop concepts unify sculpture and landscaping. I formed and grew grass on miniature mounds with shapes inspired by diatoms and other organisms to inform the landscaping. Community engagement and education brings the River and water to the people"

To find out more about Irene Rogan please visit her website or follow the links to "Irene's Experiements"

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